The Pointless Century

S4E1 - Vladimir Mayakovsky (pt. 1/3)

The Overshares (feat. Alexander Billet)

1 year ago

Episode Notes

S4 E1: Mayakovsky (pt. 1/3): The Overshares

Alexander Billet joins us to discuss the Soviet Futurist-Communist poet Vladimir Mayakovsky (1893 Baghdati – 1930 Moscow). We consider Mayakovsky’s unique status among both modernists and poets; we begin to sketch the cultural milieu of the Russian Empire, Provisional Republic, and Soviet Union in the first three decades of the twentieth century; comparisons to other modernists, futurists, and the present day highlight the political, personal, and aesthetic elements of Mayakovsky’s work. This episode mainly deals with the poet’s pre-revolutionary life and work. Anna and Rachel talk shit on his love life. Frank laments walking waist-deep into his own sprawling, self-indulgent, biographical-political poetic epic. We all agree that Mayakovsky’s work is impressive, complex, and worthy of serious contemplation, but we also rightfully slag him as the self-important gloom coomer he advertised himself to be.

This episode begins by assessing Mayakovsky's significance historically to the USSR and personally to us. We then give a brief overview of Mayakovsky's early life and discuss: A CLOUD IN PANTS / THE BACKBONE FLUTE / I LOVE

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MUSIC: Rites of Spring – “For Want Of” from Rites of Spring (Dischord, 1985)

FUGAZI – “Epic Problem” from The Argument (Dischord, 2001)

ART: Portrait of Vladimir Mayakovsky in 1910 (unknown photographer)

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